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Microorganisms play a crucial role in soil biological, chemical and physical processes. The addition of beneficial microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi not only assist in maintaining soil health and therefore plant health, but are necessary to maintain the dynamic and complex cycles being carried out at a more efficient rate for providing a better soil environment rich in nutrients, organic matter, soil stability, fertility and structure and general soil health for continuous and sustainable production. Through these processes microorganisms provide the following benefits:

Aid in increased seed germination

Aid in increased root retention and help increase root proliferation and networks to source nutrients and act as extensions of root systems for the plant in symbiotic relationships e.g. Mycorrhizal fungi between the plant and microorganisms.

Aid in improving the physical properties of the soil such as increasing aeration, drainage, CEC, increased decomposition of and formation of Organic Matter and therefore increase Carbon content.

Microorganisms aid in carrying out the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil and many more functions as well as providing many more benefits for overall soil and plant health.

 Fulzyme™ Plus Labels
MSDS Certificates

Fulzyme™ Plus is a natural product produced by a unique fermentation process. It contains billions of beneficial bacteria and selected amino acids, specifically designed to improve soil fertility and plant health. As a consequence of its multi biological activities, soils treated with Fulzyme™ Plus will become a better and healthier environment for plants to grow and proliferate. 

Advantages of Fulzyme™ Plus:
  • Produces natural and beneficial metabolites essential for plant productivity and performance
  • Aids in making soluble phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other locked up elements in the soil, making them readily available to the roots.
  • Aids in decomposing organic matter and plant residues present in the soil thus releasing organic nutrients to the plants. 
  • Crowds out pathogens, thus preventing them from becoming further established, in turn aiding growth and health of the crop. 

All of the above points as a result aid in increasing the crops' performance, hence increasing the volume and weight of product resulting in greater returns. 
 Product Information

 Bacillus subtilis and amino acids

 Guaranteed Analysis
 Bacillus subtilis 2 x 1010 colony forming units(cfu)/gram of product
 Amino acids

Physical State: Brown liquid. 

Instructions: Recommended rate is 1L/ha or consult an expert.

Storage: Fulzyme™ Plus is stable under normal storage conditions. Avoid overheating or freezing. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight.

Package: Available in 1L and 1 Gal bottles. 

Bacillus subtilis: Not less than 2 x 1010 cfu/gram

pH (1 in 40 suspension):

Stabilities: Fulzyme™ Plus is stable against heat under dry conditions. 

Storage: In its tightly closed packaging at controlled room temperature, Fulzyme™ Plus is shelf stable for up to 3 years.

Use: As a fertilizer. 

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