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Zadco For Quality Gro Pty Ltd is an Australian agricultural company which has primarily specialised in plant nutrition. Zadco began working in Australia in 1990, based in Sydney and has since expanded nationwide and into the Asian-Pacific to include New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Philippines. Our specialised and qualified team of agronomists, horticulturists and viticulturists have over 30 years of experience in the realm of technical and practical plant nutrition worldwide, varying from experiences in the Middle East, Europe, Americas and the Asia Pacific region. 

Safety in Agriculture and the impact of products on crop production and the environment are some of the endeavours of our company. We have a distinctive focus on innovation and advancements in research and biotechnology and introduce such innovations by means of new product technology to strengthen our core businesses and to set market trends by providing elite products and services backed by research. This is accompanied by continuous projects to optimize our product portfolio to assist growers to become sustainable and competitive in the world market and maximize their profitability from farming. 

We have been able to achieve these goals through our affiliation to JH Biotech, Inc., a technology oriented company which is committed to an aggressive and long-term research and development program. This affiliation is part of a global network of information and research-sharing with the commitment to innovation in agriculture. The research division of the company devotes it agricultural research efforts to develop and manufacture high quality products and services in order to increase crop productivity, improve product quality and, more importantly, to enhance the safety of crop and animal production. 

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