Zadco is the foremost leader in plant nutrition, through its partnership with JH Biotech, together we pioneered the use of biotechnologies for safer agriculture. Our goal is to empower growers with tools towards a more holistic approach to crop management practices to become more sustainable and competitive in the world market. We do this using innovative agriproducts including patented biotechnologies, high quality specialised biological products and unique fertiliser formulations for single use or along with customised crop programs, all of which have been particularly selected and designed to suit the Australian environment.

In a market already saturated with competition, from major corporations to backyard brews, the Zadco difference is the technology of our products and our dedication to, and involvement in, research and education. It is also the close relationship and communication with our clients that sets us apart, because we understand that farming is not a nine to five job but rather, a way of life, and that the work needs to be done when it needs to be done.

Smarter agriculture is not limited to using advancements in technology for greater output, but moreover, in an ever increasingly health conscious world, the real achievement is in the well-being of all involved. The success of Zadco can be attributed to having this vision from the outset: by using safer, smarter, greener, and more sustainable agricultural practices for farmer, consumer and mother nature, we adopt long-term profitable capabilities.

Our commitment to continuously improving and building upon knowledge and practice, means we are always going to bring you the most novel biotechnologies and healthier management options for better farming.


Zadco is an Australian company that came to fruition in 1990, built on honest hard work and sacrifice. From cold calling on growers and driving from state to state across Australia, to now servicing the countries in the Asia Pacific, Zadco has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a family business.

The founder and now CEO, Antoine Zady grew up on the land where his love of farming was fostered at a young age in his beloved homeland village under careful guidance from his late father. Following his studies, he soon became a professional agronomist servicing the Middle Eastern region, where he was first introduced to the JH Biotech brand and began to conduct trials. Understanding the science and seeing first-hand the benefits of such technology, he saw an opportunity when learning that the brand wanted to grow globally. Motivated to protect his young family from the effects of civil war and offer them a chance at a bright future, Mr Zady was soon offered and seized the opportunity of a lifetime – to migrate to the ‘Lucky Country’. Mr Zady took a leap of faith and the rest as they say is history.

Our Mission

Our company philosophy has always been to empower our primary producers with innovative, quality tools to achieve maximum yield potential backed by years of domestic and international experience and research.

Since our establishment, our commitment to product development is what has helped us gain momentum. From pioneering the use of biologicals for increased soil and plant health, to including more speciality fertilisers to our portfolio (including custom blends), a complete range of patented trace elements, biostimulants, botanical oils, compatibility agents, soluble fertilisers and soil amendments.

Our services range from professional agronomic, horticultural, plant pathology and biotechnical consultancy, case studies, R&D, soil and leaf analyses, crop program design and education.

We collaborate and offer our professional services on different levels and to almost every division of the chain of food production under the agricultural umbrella: from conventional to organic, broadacre to hydroponics, horticulture to turf, and from hectares of farming to the humble home garden.

Zadco continues to successfully perform in the field with trial proven results that express crop yield and performance improvements. Using individual products to complete Zadco-designed crop programs, we incorporate a holistic approach to nutrition, disease management and post-harvest maintenance.

To grow smarter, better and safer using the most elite products in terms of formulation design and quality materials – Zadco offer solutions to unleash your crop potential.


Our gratitude is owed to you, our clients, who have worked with us and supported us over the years. It is your dedication, loyalty and feedback that has helped us improve and grow from strength to strength.