Biomin® Products (US Patent number 6,670,494)
(100% Soluble Powders/ Single & Multi Mineral Combinations)

What is Glycine technology?
It is a patented process of chelation whereby some elements are bonded with two Glycine molecules
creating a fully chelated product. The plant recognises this molecule as a protein-like form of natural
Nitrogen, allowing it to travel in the phloem quite readily to the growing points where it is required such as flowers, fruit, and roots, as well as replenishing leaf levels. This allows the element to be a mobile element in the Glycine chelated form, whereas metals normally have low mobility within the plant.

This Glycine technology has been labelled as Biomin®, derived from Bio-available Mineral. Biomin® products are true chelates which were specifically designed for use on plant crops. The delivery methods of other chelated trace element products are limited, as they are subjected to other interactions and depositions before reaching the target. Their bioavailability and movement are very slow compared to the transportation of elements in the Biomin® form. For example, the Biomin® range are one of the only formulations on the market that can effectively and economically deliver elements to the growing points of the crop without the risk of phytotoxicity. This form of chelation has provided tremendous advantages because of increased absorption and translocation of the minerals within the plant.

The Biomin® product range are a family of chelated minerals which are highly systemic, non-phytotoxic, 100% soluble, economical and deliver results. Most Biomin® products are certified
with ACO so that organic growers can also take advantage of this technology.

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